Collective games

  • Guided hiking in the mountains. Duration 7 - 9 hours, with difficulty range from walking to alpine climbing. Mountain guide and insurance provided.
  • Eco-hike - walk in the mountains. Duration 2 - 4 hours. Mountain guide and insurance provided.
  • Mountain bike - Mountain or city bike rides . Providing bicycle, helmet, guide, mountain insurance, transport to the starting point.
  • Airsoft games Paintball-like games. Rifles are exact replicas (weight, size, etc.) of the best guns in the world, but instead of bullets they shoot plastic balls. This game will make you use all your mental potential and will bring you as close as possible to the real combat conditions, without having to "die". Providing goggles, a rifle and 200 bullets.
  • "KATERICHKA" Rope Amusement Park. It is a system of various elements (beams, rope ladders, ropes, mountain trolleys, etc.) installed between the trees in a centuries-old beech forest. Going to the park is associated with a lot of emotions, adrenaline and is accessible to everyone. The price includes: instructor and insurance equipment.
  • Team building games. Nature, unusual situations and difficulties further provoke camaraderie, mutual help and TRUST and help us get to know the people we work with better, and in some cases ourselves. Centipede, swing, ladder, volleyball, braid, orienteering, trolley.
  • Rescue operation (all-day game). With the help of a topographic map and compass, rescuers must cross the several-kilometer route to reach the victim. Providing an instructor, insurance equipment, mountain insurance.