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Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy aims to inform you about all aspects related to the collection, processing, storage and use of your personal data and the rights you have, as required by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016.

МоPlease read carefully the Policy of Troyan Plaza **** Hotel for privacy and protection of personal data before using our services. The provision of personal data is completely voluntary. If you do not wish us to process your personal data in the manner described in this Privacy Policy, please do not provide it to us!

As a controller of personal data, Troyan Plaza **** Hotel is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information about your personal data. The information provided by you is stored in a secure software module encrypting the entered data.


Troyan Plaza AD is a joint-stock company registered in the Commercial Register with UIC: 110568205, which collects, processes and stores your personal data under the terms of this Policy and the applicable legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria

Troyan Plaza AD is a controller of personal data within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection ofthe individuals in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the Personal Data Protection Act.

For all questions related to the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at our address: Troyan, P.R. Slaveykov str. 54, Troyan Plaza **** Hotel or at our email:


2.1. To request and confirm a reservation, Troyan Plaza Hotel collects and processes the following data:

  • Upon request, through the contact form on the website – name and surname of the contact person,

e-mail address of the contact person

  • When booking by phone – name and surname of the contact person, contact phone and

e-mail address for booking confirmation

2.2. For identification and accommodation in Troyan Plaza Hotel the following data are processed and stored:

  • PIN(personal identification number) / ID card number
  • name of the person (for Bulgarian citizens – in Cyrillic, for foreigners – in Latin, according to the national document)
  • date of birth, sex, citizenship
  • ID card number / valid national identity document; date of issue and period of validity of the document country issuing the national document,

The data collected for the purposes of registration at the hotel are collected on the basis of article 116, para 2 of the Tourism Act and are necessary for keeping a register of the accommodated tourists.

Your personal data is only collected if you provide it voluntarily. If you do not give your consent to the provision of your personal data, you cannot be accommodated in the hotel! You provide the national identity document to be processed by a special device that only retrieves the personal data required for your registration.

2.3.. For the realization of corporate or personal events, Troyan Plaza Hotel processes and stores the following data:

  • first and second name of the person organizing the event. In case of corporate events, contact person designated by the legal entity, organizer of the event.
  • e-mail address and telephone number of the contact person

2.4. Processed data when paying to or at Troyan Plaza **** Hotel

  • credit or debit card number when paying through a post-terminal in Troyan Plaza **** Hotel
  • bank account when paying by bank transfer
  • company data when issuing an invoice at the request of the client

2.5. For purposes related to advertising of Troyan Plaza **** Hotel

  • e-mail, name and phone number of the client for the purposes of direct marketing – sending current offers, promotions and discounts
  • e-mail, name, username and phone number – when organizing games on social networks, when including in advertising photos

3.1.Legality – when collecting, processing and storing your data, Troyan Plaza **** Hotel complies with the provisions of applicable Bulgarian and European legislation.

3.2. Conscientiousness and transparency – the data collected by Troyan Plaza **** Hotel are processed in accordance with the current privacy policy, which is available to every user.

3.3. Correlation of the processing with the purposes and minimization of the data – the types of data collected by Troyan Plaza **** Hotel are reduced to a minimum, according to the purposes for which they are processed. The purposes for which your data is processed are those for which we are legally obliged, for which we have a contractual relationship or for the collection of which we have obtained your consent.

3.4. Storage limitation – we process and store the received data for a period of time, according to the purposes for which they are needed and according to your consent.

Please note that when sending an inquiry to Troyan Plaza ****  hotel (for price conditions, for reservations, for clarification about a reservation already made, for holding an event and / or other issues related to the services provided by the hotel), you consent to the storage and processing of personal data provided by you for the purposes of the inquiry.




The process of processing your personal data provided to Troyan Plaza **** hotel is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection, as Troyan Plaza **** Hotel respects your privacy. Troyan Plaza **** Hotel guarantees that persons authorised to process the personal data have committed themselves to confidentiality or are under an appropriate statutory obligation of confidentiality.


Troyan Plaza **** hotel applies technical and organizational security measures in order to protect the personal data you have provided from accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss, unauthorized access, alteration or distribution, as well as other illegal forms of processing by side of unauthorized persons. The security measures we apply are subject to constant improvement and adaptation to the latest technologies.

Troyan Plaza **** hotel may disclose and provide personal information in accordance with applicable law if a court or administrative authority orders or requires it or if the provision of personal data is related to the fulfillment of a legal obligation of Troyan Plaza **** Hotel. The data collected for the purposes of accommodation in Troyan Plaza **** Hotel is available to third parties specified in the Tourism Act – the Ministry of Tourism, Municipalities, the Ministry of Interior, the National Revenue Agency and the National Statistical Institute.

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