Oreshak Village Museum of Crafts

The Museum of Crafts in the village of Oreshak is unique in its kind, specialized entirely in folk crafts and applied arts. Museum exhibition opened in 1968, presenting part of the rich collection of old and contemporary Bulgarian arts.

The exhibition covers an area of 50 decares, featuring altogether 9 halls on a total area of 4500 sq.m., and a multi-functional exhibition hall. The main goal of that exhibition is to give an idea of the unique talents of Bulgarian craftsmen.

Visitors have the chance to indulge in the beauty of textile items used predominantly in the household – the goat-hair rug, the fleecy rug and the regular rug. Carpentry was another craft the Troyan masters were so popular of – the bride’s wooden chest, the barn, the wooden yoke and the mill-wheel were some of the most typical wooden items produced in that region. The Troyan school of pottery in the Revival period owes its fame to the most talented and experienced masters that managed to create beautiful but practical and useful vessels.

The Museum of Crafts makes it possible to all of us to enjoy the authentic products of the unique master-craftsmen from the Troyan region.